Planning on college? Interested in a quick $100,000? It’s free! Pledge now to graduate in 4 years, not 6, choose a college that will let you—and pocket $100,000! As MLK said, “Learn, baby, learn, so you can earn, baby, earn!” That’s the POWER of 4!

Take your degree straight to the bank!

It’s a fact! By graduating college in 4 years, you’ll save money (tuition and fees) and make money too—likely over $100,000! So what are you waiting for?

Pick the right school, go full time (15 hours per semester), don’t lose credit in transfers, map it out. Changing schools costs YOU money!

Did you know most college graduates accumulate 134 credits when 120 almost always works? Taking excess hours costs YOU money!

Behind the WHEEL

Quest for Success

Behind the scenes of Quest4 is the Naples-based, nonprofit organization Quest for Success. Founded in 1994, Quest for Success has helped thousands of students prepare for college, find the right school and pay for it. Quest’s vision is that all college students will graduate in 4 years or less, with little or no college debt, a degree representing skills wanted by employers and, finally, a GOOD JOB! To learn more about Quest for Success, view our video . To make a tax deductible contribution, please visit

At Quest, our mission is to ensure that each of our college bound students, regardless of their socioeconomic background, obtains a degree and a good job. Our vision ensures that we achieve our mission. At Quest, we:

  1. discover students' skills, strengths and aptitudes to assist in identifying colleges and universities where they are highly likely to succeed;
  2. assist students with the college and financial aid application process and identify sources of scholarship funds to pay for all or some of their college expenses;
  3. identify the best fit for each student and the best method of payment such that each student will graduate in four years or less with little or no college debt, with a degree representing skills sought by employers in the free marketplace leading to a good job; and
  4. gain self-sufficiency, self-esteem and economic freedom without the need to rely on government, charitable organizations or others to lead a happy, productive life.

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TOM GRADY, Quest For Success CEO and Chairman
Tom Grady, Chairman of Quest For Success, is also a member of the Florida State Board of Education and a former state legislator. Along with the full Quest board, Tom is intensely interested in student achievement and success – regardless of a student’s background or circumstances. Quest has charged him with sharing its secret with you: graduating in 4 years rather than 6 is worth $100,000!

Ready to take control of YOUR FUTURE...and bank $100,000?

Graduating in 4 years will put time and money in your pocket. Take the Quest4 pledge today, get your education – and your life - in gear, and bank $100,000!

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of bachelor’s degree recipients change colleges—and nearly half of them lose some credits because of broken transfer policies.

The Math is SIMPLE

How much money will earn and save by graduating in 4 years rather than 6?



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